Physical Therapy for Pre & Post Operative Care

If you are scheduled for surgery, you may wonder how your Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness physical therapist can help you prepare for it.

Physical therapy is a great way to improve your strength, mobility, and function before your operation. It can also help you reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation that may affect your recovery.

By working with your Apex physical therapist before surgery, you can learn exercises and techniques that will help you cope with the challenges of surgery and speed up your healing process. As a result of your preoperative PT, you will have an established provider to make your postoperative PT a smooth continuation of your care.

Physical therapy before surgery can also help you set realistic goals and expectations for your recovery and provide you with the education and support you may need along the way.

Physical therapy can make a big difference in your surgical outcome and quality of life. That’s why Apex Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness has designed a special program around both pre and postoperative care.

Presurgical Checklist & Postoperative Care At Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness

Reduce anxiety, speed recovery, and improve your surgical outcome with the Apex Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Pre & Postoperative Care Program.

Increasing your speed of recovery and reducing pain from orthopedic procedures starts with physical therapy intervention before surgery.

Historically, physical therapy has been emphasized as a postsurgical rehabilitation activity. But today we know that physical preparation and evaluation before most procedures can speed up recovery, reduce pain, and relieve your anxiety. In addition, becoming familiar with your therapist and the exercises she will prescribe after surgery will make them easier to do.

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